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Friday, August 7, 2009

ideRide blog gets new address

ideRide is still dedicated to keeping Kingdom Trails on the cutting edge and keeping you informed of related events and news. You can access our blog through our website at or go directly to

Thursday, June 11, 2009

KT goes downhill

The ideRide shuttle made its maiden voyage to the Burke Mtn summit this weekend.
Riders enjoyed great weather and a lift to KT's awesome downhill trails from 9-5 satuday and sunday.
The shuttle will not run next weekend, June 13- 14 or August 21-24  because the toll road will be closed for an auto race. Other than that, the shuttle will run on all summer  weekends. 

KT's new trail leads to logride

The village trails in East Burke often get overlooked. They are not a easily made part of a loop until KT's new trail, Burnham Down, was opened this last weekend. Now, as you exit from descending Burnham just cross the street and enter the village trails through the park. It was on a recent ride through here that I discoversd a large pine had fallen right in  the middle of the trail. The next time I rode the same section I found, much to my delight, that some industrious individuals had transformed the obstacle into a log ride. 
The high level of craftsmanship was evident in features such as the dovetail joinery. The responsible parties are obviously highly skilled carpenters.

IdeRide and Valencia Sports Group

We here at IdeRide are pleased to announce a sponsorship with the Valencia Sports Group and their amazing product line including Six Six One, Royal, and Sunline Components! We have used the Six Six One products in particular for years and they are arguably the industry standard.
Expect lots of bumps and bruises avoided due to the great design.
The crew is also looking forward to checking out Royal and SunLine. The Sunline bars namely have been getting some great reviews lately with some of our riding friends and we can't wait to check them out.
Busy weeks here with our first day camp in the bag, shuttles at Burke Mountain up and running, new trailwork, photo shoots and plenty more in the works.
So get out and ride but check in here after often so you can see what we're up to!

ideRide hosts youth skills clinic for The Middle School Partnership

Saturday June 6th, Led By Adam Corbeil, Founding Director of The Middle School Partnership, Department of Human Services, The City of Cambridge, a group of six 8th graders and four counsellors made the trip from Boston to East Burke. When they arrived, ideRide coaches Linden and Sasha were ready, with 10 full suspension bikes and helmets, at The Wildflower Inn. Skye Nacel of Mocean 365 was on hand to catch the action on film.
After a meet and greet, Linden led the group, covering points like how to determine optimal bike fit and basic mechanics and maintenance.  Next he introduced basic skills that are essential to being an efficient confident rider. At this point the kids got to put these basic skills to work on the trail. The descent from the Inn to East Burke Village was the first taste of singletrack for all of them, and they loved it!
Once in East Burke they found a fleet of hardtail jump/park bikes waiting for them. Once astride these oversized BMX bikes they descended to the KT pumptrack where Sasha and Linden showed them how to rail berms and pump rollers to generate speed. 
The day commenced with a jump demo, and a bbq at the ideRide jump park and lodge.  Knight, Linden & Sasha wowed the kids with their style and tricks and then gave a little coaching to those brave enough to try it themselves.
As the sun set on this fun filled day everyone enjoyed burgers and dogs,and reflected on the days events .
This group of kids were outstanding for their respect, determination, bravery and natural skills.  It was a great pleasure to all of the ideRide crew to meet and ride with them! To view all of the awesome pics that Skye got that day go to

Construction begins on KT's new downhill trail

On Sunday, May 31 at 9:00 am twenty hardcore freeriders met at the Burke mtn base lodge parking lot. The goal, to  build the long anticipated trail that will connect J-Bar to the summit.
Despite near constant rain volunteers came from near and far and included some of  VT's best professional trailbuilders such as Hardy Avery, Stowe's trail guru and Aaron Codling of New England Freeride. Headed up by KT's own John Worth, This trail building machine left an awesome section of trail in its wake.  
There is much work left to be done with Sundays labor yielding only an eighth of the total trail length. The next volunteer day is Sunday,  June 14, see you there!